European Orthopaedic

Research Society

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Becoming a member is easy and rewarding!

EORS member benefits include:

  • Being part of Europe's society dedicated to orthopaedic research
  • Eligibility to submit for EORS Travel Grants or receive Travel Grant scholars (4000 Euro annual program endowment)
  • Member registration rates at EORS Annual Meetings
  • Member registration rates at ICORS Meetings
  • Discounted publication fee at Bone & Joint Research, official journal of EORS (10%, a 55 Euro value)
  • Quarterly newsletters subscription
  • Preferred faculty for EORS guest sessions at partner societies' conferences
  • Eligibility to serve on the EORS board and affiliated functions
  • many more (and more to come!)

Individual membership Click here to apply!

  • Annual Membership fee: Euro 50,--
  • Valid until October of the next year
  • No automatic renewal (no subscription)
  • Entitles to Member registration rate at Annual EORS Meeting
  • No refund possible
  • Questions:

Group membership Click here to apply!

The maximum group size is 6 members, the group leader plus maximum 5 members.


The group leader:

  • Manages the group membership
  • Nominates the additional members
  • Annually renews the group membership
  • Receives the invoices and pays the group membership fee (200 EURO)

The benefits are:

  • Group membership is managed and invoiced via a single member (group leader)
  • Individual members of the group can be changed annually upon renewal
  • Significant discount over combined individual membership fees ( -16%)
  • Full membership for every individual group member
  • Group members entitled to full discount on EORS Meeting registration
  • Example: If only two team members plan to attend the next EORS Annual Meeting, group membership almost pays for itself!


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As an EORS Follower you will

  • Receive our quarterly newsletter
  • Calls for EORS Annual meetings
  • Information about EORS sessions

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