EORS Exchange Travel Grant


A major purpose of a research society is the creation and promotion of networking benefits between its members.


The “EORS Exchange Travel Grant” is awarded once a year and gives financial support for the applicant to visit a participating member group to work or study at this institution.


The conditions for the “EORS Exchange Travel Grant” are:

Applicant is a member

Applicant is resident in training and/or PhD student

Host institution has at least one member

Exchange travel is within Europe

There is a general agreement between applicant and host institution

Each person can only win a Travel Grant once

Applicant CV

Applicant motivation letter

Applicant’s budget

Filled-in application form

Duration of exchange: 2-4 weeks

After the visit, a brief report must be written to be published on EORS website

Expenses will be refunded based on declarations

Collaboration should ideally lead to a joint publication between applicant & host

Application is once per year.

The funding is max. €1000 per applicant

Grant submission deadline is once per year: 01.06

Documents are sent digitally to the EORS central office: awards@eors.info